A happy shooter

Ernie I decided I best at least get all my predator guns shot in. Friday I went to a farm that they allow me to shoot my guns in… Of course I took your Ranger rest with the heavier arm on it. I just enjoyed it! I shot in my Marlin 22 WMR with Win Dynapoints. My 22250, 17 Fireball, and my Savage 223. 5 guns. I always sight in with factory rounds first and get it zeroed! Didn’t take long with your rest! 100 yards all the factory round were hitting in tight cluster just where I wanted them. Then I took my reloads I wanted to pattern and shot them in at the target areas all around my sight in. Most were right on target too. In most cases maybe 1/2 inch higher or lower then the factory rounds but not off to the right or left.. I was excited. I actually can use the factory rounds and most of the reloads in the 22250. I also can not only use the 25 grain 17 Fireball Hornady reloads but also the MidwayUSA 20 grain Dogtown Hollow Points. You might want to try some of the Midwayusa Dog Town 20 grain .177 cal bullets..They are not VMAX now.. They are 20 grain HP. They shot near right where the 25 Grain Hornady shot. It was so nice to have a good shooting rest to shoot in my guns…As it stands now I could now devout time to scouting new public lands near Lebanon for deer, coyotes, and fox… I am one Happy Customer because I own the E W Ranger shooting rest… Again the Benefits is not only hunting with it but zeroing and checking new reloads too. I now have the confidence even with the 22 WMR that when I call in a fox and am using your rest. I should be throwing more fur into the back of the vehicle too. Keep up the good work and try those MidwayUSA Dog Town 20 grain HP .177 caliber bullets in your 17 Rem. they are shorter in length then the 25 grain Hornady bullets. LOL I have two 17 Rem to as you know a 700 BDL and Encore barrel but I might just allow them to rest a bit this year. I have a battery of all those calibers I mentioned above when fox season starts. Funny! the Savage gun I won at the Expo the 223 Axis. Wow did that shoot outstanding from your rest with the 223 55 grain factory ammo!!!I’m not even going to mess with reloads this year on that particular gun.

Thanks Again!

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