#Tri-X-Stand Features

Stand out features on the

Tri-X-Stand™ Shooting system.

  1. Rear weapon rest supports are made  of 3/8 inch solid rubber with aluminum supports.
  2. Front rest is a genuine leather filled protector modle #1 sand bag.
  3. The top shooting platform can be slid forwards or backwards to suite your shooting style. Your rifle will feel weightless when you’re shooting or tracking a moving target.
  4. The top can be changed to any of the custom Tri-X-Stand shooting tops or taken off for storage.
  5. The shooting system is controlled by one control adjustment knob that allows you to set the movement’s to your liking.  This will allow you to concentrate on your shot and nothing else.
  6. You can shoot with bench rest accuracy on any uneven ground, frozen ground, or mud conditions.
  7. These rifle rests can be lowered and shot from as low as 12 inches off the ground or raised up to 69 inches or any were in between.  Tripod weight is 9.5 lb to 12.5 lbs depending on type of top or accessories.
  8. Comes with 1 inch wide carrying strap.
  9. Built right here in the USA!!

Tri-X-Stand Shooting Tripods

Every year people want to shoot farther and hit more than ever before.

With the increasingly busy schedule hunters face every year it is hard to stay in top shooting shape for all the shooting skills needed in the field. We in counter very different ingredients in real field conditions compared to setting up at the club and shooting at paper and slapping each other back on those tight groups.

In the field there is nothing as nice to shoot off of like back at the good old clubs target range. Yep, sorry but true.

Bull Crap!!! There is the TRI-X-STAND shooting system. These tripod survey rests are so good surveyor people have use these type of tripods to survay the world and can pick out the littlest location with no movement.

So the next time you miss something in the field that you spent a ton of money on and may never see another trophy class animial like that again. Just say to your self I should of had a TRI-X-STAND shooting rest.

From your best friend.



Reading Air and Ground Currents

This is were I left off a while back and I had promised to talk about air currents for hunting predators.
Wile hunting it does not hurt to try and keep your body sent free. Your hunting partners will be glad you did. But to a coyote or fox it does not matter. They will smell you no matter how clean you are. Of course the less you stink can help you a little by giving you a few more seconds until they pick up your sent.
How to use air currents and wind is the best thing to help a hunter.
It is pretty simple to read the wind directions. Most of the time you can feel it if you pay attention. Or you could use the puff bottle wind detector like deer hunters use if you have problems. What ever way you chose this is important that you know the wind direction. The next thing is air currents also known as ground currents. Air currents run close to the ground day and night and in big temperature changes you can even feel the air currents run a different way then the wind is going Air currents have little to do with wind direction unless you have hi winds. When the winds get stronger it can start to affect air currents. If wind is strong enough it will push air currents the same direction as the wind.
But under most hunting conditions the wind is not strong enough. Unless you are hunting in over 20 mph winds. The best way to read air currents is to look at the ground shape. Ground currents flow like water does. If you look at how water on a mountain flows you would see the same path air currents will take. The reason being all air currents are always either warmer or cooler then the air temperature or ground temperature. Cool air flows down the hill just like water would. Warm air will flow up hill but will not take the exact same path as water does down hill but close enough that you can us it in you stand location. I know this may seam hard for some people to understand , but if you think how water would flow over the ground it gets simple.
Good luck hunting.

Hunting the Elusive PA Bobcat

Hunting the Elusive PA Bobcat
A challenge I set for myself.
What a great way to learn about the outdoors and Bobcat habitat is on the trail for the secretive bobcat.
This was an exciting and interesting challenge for me to complete. Not living near Bobcats, it is important to have great friends that can help find bobcats to hunt in there habitat. I am sure me and my friends have learned a lot about bobcats over the years wile I pursued the elusive Bobcat. Thanks to all my friends that have traveled many of my ghost cat trails into the woods at night over the years with me and made this a much more enjoyable challenge and I now have knowledge and stories that will last a lifetime. A special thanks to my friend Jeff Millinder and his family, it has been a hoot.


Tom Purvis best fishing equipment

Tom is a local hunting and fishing enthusiasm that makes the best soft baits along with hand made fishing lures,sinkers and hook setups around at great prices. Give him a call for small and large orders. You will be glad you found this guy if you are interested saving money and getting the best there is. 570-939-0030


Dillon premium calling Instruments


Griz-n-Grey is a bellows type call that is for gray fox and Raccoon. This call is so easy to use that even a person that has never called in any predators can now head afield with confidence. Just shake it and lightly and it puts out some great sounds. Even though they state it is for gray fox and raccoon it will call in anything that hears it. They seam a little salty at $39 but you will soon see it was money well spent. You will love this call.


Prairie Dog Shooting Rifle Rest

These rifle rests are a prairie dog and night hunters best friend. You can acquire your targets faster with more proficient accuracy then any other rifle rest on the market, bar none. You can move these light weight rifle rest with no effort to prairie dog towns and set up in seconds. No heave lifting with these rifle rests at just 12 pounds. You can even put carpet in the bed of your truck and stand up and have a high rack type shooting set up in seconds that can shoot 360 degrees. No more heavy expensive bulky hight racks being drug around on your truck when you do not need it. Check them out and never look back to the old shooting methods.